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Collaboration is at the heart of all that I do. It requires ongoing connection, engagement and innovation with a diverse range of people. With the collective The Art of Collaboration I explore and create unique and distinctive programmes and events with thought-leaders from the arts, education, health, science, business and design. Some examples of this work include:

Tulca is a group of inquisitive story-tellers in music and words that mix traditional Irish, Persian and Contemporary music with spoken word and design. Our first CD released in 2021 featuring Uilleann Piper Mick O’Brien and Professor of Psychiatry Jim Lucey is available to stream and purchase here.

This is a duo of Clarinet(s) and Recorder(s) with Laoise O’Brien. We enjoy unearthing old music and advancing new music. We explore soundscapes, examining the shared features of our respective instruments from the 12th century to newly composed work. We investigate how place and memory have influenced music over the centuries. See Time Place Memory here.

With contemporary specialist soprano Elizabeth Hilliard we commission and curate performances of new Irish and international composers. We collaborate with some of Ireland’s most renowned composers to create new repertoire that includes elements of theatre and spoken word. View a performance from the courtyard of the Irish Museum of Modern Art here.


The concept of Co-Creativity is about who, why and how we create, with the focus on equality and integration. Projects evolve out of a process of engagement with people rather than something primarily prescribed. I engage in various co-creative projects as part of my artistic life and growth including some recent projects.

A new 45 minute collaborative work, with composer Stephen Gardner & Ensemble (Voice, Clarinet(s), Violin, Cello & Percussion). The title comes from a 2020 poem by Paula Meehan. It evokes the memory of spending three months in a fever hospital as a child. The memory of that is rekindled by the spread of Coronavirus, and the dedication of the medical staff, past and present. It is a beautiful and powerful poem. The musicians are Ellen Demos, vocals; Paul Roe, clarinets; Tomas O’Dalaigh, violin; Arun Rao, Cello; Shane O’Donovan, percussion.

An international music event created in Finland in 2021. The stage of Via Silva Musica, is the forest and village landscapes of northern Central Finland with performances in and around the forest. The main guest of the musical tour is the eight-person International Extemperimental Orchestra (IEO). Members are from six different countries and three continents. In its performances, the ensemble combines different kinds and styles of music. Video of extracts from concert here.

Creativity is in and of the body and cradled within communities. This is an advanced group of International Feldenkrais practitioners and musicians who meet on Zoom regularly to discuss and explore advanced ways of listening led by David Kaetz author of Listening With Your Whole Body.


I have been absorbed in and an advocate for Contemporary music for more than thirty years having commissioned and performed many new works in Ireland and internationally. I continue to be curious and interested in all aspects of innovation in music and the arts and am intrigued by the scope new digital technology offers. I always have a variety of contemporary projects that are at various stages of development for upcoming performance including:

I have been a member of Concorde for the past 30 years. Concorde has consistently promoted contemporary music across Ireland, throughout Europe, and worldwide for over 45 years. The group has performed in over a dozen countries, with concerts in Denmark, Hong Kong and Paris in recent years, presented over 350 public concerts, and premiered over 250 new works. More than 100 Irish composers have been represented in Concorde’s programmes.

A central theme of the Music Current Festival is the participation and collaboration of composers and performers in developing new work. This year these collaborations took place in a new format with composers and musicians working closely together over an extended period. In this festival the seven composers and five soloists involved present the new works mediated by electronics. Find out more here.

Irish Music

In Ireland Irish music typically refers to ‘traditional’ music. This blanket term does not do justice to the richness of creativity in traditional and other forms of music making, including contemporary, popular and electronic music. Some of Ireland’s most innovative musicians draw inspiration from a variety of music and other art forms. I very much enjoy regularly collaborating with artists, poets and musicians across the creative landscape in Ireland.

“A fine example of how (not) to live” / For Clarinet(s) and fixed media.
This new work was developed over a 6 month period of creative engagement-mostly on zoom. The ground of the work is the writings of Leland Bardwell, a well-known Irish writer, with an international profile. John McLachlan is her son and one of her literary executors. Leland’s centenary comes in 2022-2023 and this work will be played in some related activities then.
Upcoming performances include:
Crescent Contemporary Music Festival at Green Acres Gallery, Wexford, A Salon performance (live and online) in the Contemporary Music Centre-Dublin, Kaleidoscope Night, The Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane.

Mick O’Brien-Piper, Paula Meehan-Poet & Paul Roe-Clarinet are three Dubliners who create programmes of words and music that blend beautifully. Metaphors and imagined images combine with traditional and new sounds. New stories carried along by the surprise of unfolding and emergence. View video here.

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